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The Algarve Great Derby is the largest European FCI One Loft Race

We are the Official North American Agent/Shipper for The Algarve Great Derby Race in 2019.

Collection Begins February 18, 2019 Through April 15, 2019

A Team Consists of 5 Birds, (3 +2 RESERVE PIGEONS) 

400 Euro for 1 Team ($460 USD)

Any reserve pigeons must be activated before the semifinal on 9/16/19. The reserve pigeon activation fee is an additional 150 Euro, Per Pigeon.

The Shipping/Quarantine Export Fee is $100 per bird for this race.

The Shipping/Quarantine Export Fee's & Entry Fee's are due with the birds upon arrival.

This race gives you the opportunity to participate and compete on an international level for less than $1,000 USD TOTAL, based on a (3 + 2 Reserve bird team).

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