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Monday, August 19 2019

Dear Breeders,

Our deadline for accepting birds into our quarantine closes this week.

August 24th is the final deadline to ship your teams to us, or ship any replacements you may have that you'd like to send for that matter. The overall health of the birds is good. We did have a couple of birds last week that dropped on us, which was related to "Young Bird Sickness" according to the pathology report. I've switched over to a new disinfectant which has had good reviews lately, Oxine AH. I monitor and care for your birds daily, and strive to catch anything that looks unusual with any of the birds, as soon as I notice it.

We have our inspection this week, and if all goes well, the birds should be shipped out to Spain (The Canary Islands) the middle of September, before I head to Portugal to attend the race events for The Algarve Golden Race, as well as attend the events for the Algarve Great Derby. We will do the blood testing in approximately 2 weeks. Have a great week!


Daniel Hash

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