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Please note: If you were notified that you have a (FREE BIRD CREDIT), you can use this on ANY races we support. For example, if you want to send 8 birds to SAMDPR this year, and you have a free bird credit that was issued from last year because a bird couldn't be exported for whatever reasons, you would simply send 8, but only pay for 7. We no longer issue cash equivalent refunds, its simply FREE BIRD CREDITS for future exports.

Please vaccinate your birds for PMV at least 2 weeks prior to sending to our quarantine facility. We are authorized to use this vaccine manufactured by ARKO Labs- PMV TYPE 1 KILLED VIRUS.

Just some of the many benefits we offer as part of our quarantine services

Our #1 primary goal and mission and purpose with exporting your birds is to:


As a valued client of ours, we will deliver our commitment to you based on the following Criteria:

Provide Exceptional Quality Service. Exceptional Service is at the core of everything we do, and we do not compete on price. This is a specialized service we provide our valued clients.

     We always fully comply with ALL USDA/APHIS regulations and Foreign Government Permits.

     We are located just 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, Utah which is a MAJOR DELTA HUB with National and International Flights Departing daily to major non-stop destinations around the world.

We have NEVER had to deal with delays due to flights being overbooked, which affect your birds over extended periods of time.

   We do not have budget restrictions when it comes to providing the highest quality of care for your birds, and their well being. We do this because we enjoy it and we give it 110%! We keep all the birds at our quarantine facility which is very large and spacious, which prevents overcrowding. Only designated officials are allowed to visit our facility so that they can sign off on the quarantine inspection processes.

   We are an approved DELTA CARGO SHIPPER, which gives us significant leverage on how we get your birds out of the country, safely and ethically. We also always book direct flights for your birds out of the country using the fastest and most direct routes possible. We keep you regularly updated throughout the entire process.

    A VERY IMPORTANT POINT TO KEEP IN MIND: When the birds arrive at our facility, they stay at our facility the entire time until they ship out to their final destination, wherever that may be world-wide.



Nowadays you have many options when it comes to choosing an experienced USA Exporter!

Let us earn your trust throughout the entire process by sending your birds our way.

When you ship with Avian Export Services, your birds are in good hands.



Shipping & Quarantine 2020
Shipping & Quarantine 2020

Please send $60 per bird, which will cover the shipping & quarantine fee. When shipping your birds to us, please complete this  SAMDPR Entry Form.

In addition, we will also accept your entry fee of $1,850.00 per team of 4 birds, of which this entry includes 1 bird activated and 3 backup birds prepaid at the rate of $250 Per Bird. At a later date if you choose to activate the 3 reserve birds, the balance will be $850 Per Bird.

Total Cost: $2,090.00 Per Team of 4 Birds.

We will wire the funds to South Africa for you at no extra cost. 

Please make all payments payable to:

Avian Export Services

PO BOX 146

Kaysville, Utah 84037

I will then have your entry fee's deposited as needed, into their proper SAMDPR accounts. 




Collection Dates: Tentative for APRIL 2020
Collection Dates: Tentative for APRIL 2020


Please send birds and payment, along with these 2 separate completed forms, AES Shipping FormSAMDPR Entry Form, payable to:

Avian Export Services

PO BOX 146

Kaysville, UT 84037


The Process & Updates
The Process & Updates

We will post periodic updates through facebook, this webpage, and or through email correspondence.

Please only ship birds to us on Mon/Tues/Wed of each week. We don't want the birds to get stuck or be held over the weekend at the local post office.

When we receive your birds in the mail, you will receive an email notification/and or Text Message from us letting you know that they arrived safely, and are now in our care.

We look forward to giving your birds the best chance of success!

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Specializing in USA Avian Export Quarantine Services.

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