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Wednesday, October 17 2018

Dear Breeders,

The race in SA has posted their first Initial listing regarding those pigeons that have completed the quarantine. The list is showing a total of 5,505 birds entered from all countries. The USA has a total of 486 birds competing. I know this year the USA participation numbers are down because there was a lot of uncertainty regarding exporting options, concerns regarding whether the import permit would be delayed, etc. Those issues are resolved, and we hope to see many past participants come back to the race and participate in 2019.

To check the status of your birds and see how many you will have competing in this years race, head on over to the SAMDPR website. 

You can also select this link that will take you directly to the list, You will be required to log in to see the listing.

We exported a total of 113 birds this first year for SAMDPR. The birds were in excellent health and condition when they were inspected by our Avian Vet, prior to them departing to Johannesburg.

According to the list, of those 113 birds we sent in our single shipment, we determined that 8 birds for whatever reason, while they were in SA GOVT Quarantine (30 Days), did not make it. I like to track these numbers, just as I do with OLRs that are here in the USA. I personally would not change our feeding and health program, as it worked out very well this first year. 

As always, you can see video updates of the birds that are posted to Facebook on a regular basis by following this link,

We wish you all the best success.



Daniel Hash

Avian Export Services

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