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*****Special Terms and Conditions associated with shipping/quarantine/export/import services*****

While we strive to care for your birds to the best of our ability, we are dealing with live animals, and as such, accidents and incidents with live birds can and do happen. The process to quarantine and export birds is highly regulated by the government, not only here in the USA, but also abroad in foreign countries around the world.

1. All birds that enter our quarantine facility go through an ALL IN- ALL OUT principle that is applied. This means that once we have our initial inspection, we are prohibited from removing ANY birds in that quarantine, until the birds either complete their entire quarantine period (Typically 30 days), or if a bird dies in quarantine, it will be removed for a necropsy as is required. Any other reasons are strictly prohibited by regulations we must comply with. A voluntary withdrawl of birds by the breeder, from an quarantine session, and or upcoming shipment, shall not be eligible for a refund of quarantine and export fees.

2. All quarantine fees are due before your birds arrive to our facility, or at the time birds arrive to our facility.




We do not hold any checks. Any checks that are returned NSF will be charged a $50.00 NSF Fee.

(Quarantine and export fees are NON-REFUNDABLE)-Individual credits are issued as needed, for future export purposes.

3. Proper documentation & paperwork must accompany your birds with your shipment. We service multiple quarantines, so this information is paramount!

4. ALL healthy birds will be quarantined and exported, unless it is determined by the sole discretion, and professional opinion of our licensed Avian Veterinarian, that a bird is not healthy, or fit to travel. If a bird is not fit to travel, you will be notified personally, and the bird will not ship.

5. A 4% Credit Card Transaction & Processing Fee will be added to the balance of all Online Paypal Payments & Major Credit Card Payments. We offer this option to those who prefer to pay with Credit Cards, as a convenience.

6. Avian Export Services and its owners SHALL NOT get involved with ANY sales transactions which take place between the sellers/breeders of the birds, and buyers (new owner's) of the birds. We are strictly a quarantine and export facility, and are not mediators between parties. If you have any issues with your birds, you must address those concerns directly with the original seller/breeder of the birds.

Furthermore, should any issues arise from birds in quarantine, death of birds in quarantine, death of birds in transit, viral disease outbreaks, etc, only the new owners of the birds shall be contacted and notifed by Avian Export Services. All buyers and new owners of the birds we are performing quarantine services for, must settle any differences and or disputes, directly with the original seller/breeder of the birds. This includes bird replacements when necessary. In the event that any birds are found to carry diseases not allowed by the importing country, or birds in quarantine threaten the poultry industry in any way, our USDA area authority may order to have the birds destroyed without compensation.

A future export credit will always be issued for any birds that end up not being able to ship to their final destination, strictly relating to health concerns.

7. No requests or claims for USPS Express mail shipment refunds will be filed on your behalf with The USPS, for any packages that are considered late. All USPS Express shipments we send out are NON-REFUNDABLE!


Avian Export Services is NOT liable for any mishaps of birds we handle at any time throughout  the entire import process, including shipping. 

We are also not responsible for ANY accidents, LOSSES, or DEATHS of birds that are shipped through USPS Express mail. There are ALWAYS risks associated with shipping live animals through the mail. We have no control over the conditions of transport, once the USPS takes over custody of the birds for final delivery to you.

Compensation for damages or mishaps can never be above the invoice-value of the services offered and paid to us directly for importing your birds through our services. Avian Export Services and its owners also are not held liable for the loss of profit, breeding opportunities, consequential loss, pecuniary damages, and also non-pecuniary damages that may result from birds not making it through quarantines, or final delivery to clients.

Please Note: The only two options for shipping live birds are USPS EXPRESS or DELTA CARGO if you are near a Delta Airlines hub in your area. When we offer to ship birds to you via DELTA CARGO, and the option is available within a 65 mile radius of your area, and you decline this option and have us ship your birds to you via USPS Express instead, any losses or incidents that may happen in the USPS system, SHALL NOT be issued future import credits.

8. All GAME BIRDS shall be shipped to us via DELTA CARGO.

9. ALL GAME BIRDS shall have their wings properly clipped, prior to arrival, to avoid any possible injuries while in quarantine.

10. ALL GAME BIRDS shall originate from an approved NPIP breeder source. We cannot accept ANY birds from ANY NON-NPIP sources. This is a requirement, as part of the "terms and conditions" for us holding a valid COR (Certificate of Registration) with the DWR (Division of Wildlife Resources-UTAH) for having commercial possession of game birds, specifically for quarantine purposes.

11. The seller is required to obtain and provide us with an approved state health certificate, and valid entry permit  number from The Department of Agriculture. We must be granted this entry permit number, PRIOR, to birds being sent to our quarantine facility here in Utah. Those state health certificates you obtain for your birds must also accompany the birds on their shipment to us.

12. All birds must be identified with closed leg ring bands, or microchips. NO EXCEPTIONS!

13. Avian Export Services and its owners reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is past delinquent on their account, and or have outstanding past balances due. Any past delinquent accounts must be paid in full, prior to any future services being offered. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that does not agree to abide my our terms and conditions, as set forth on our website. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions that are established. 

14. Avian Export Services and its owners reserve the right to refuse and decline quarantine services for certain birds, which we feel may not do well in quarantine environments. Any birds that are very temperamental,  are very flighty in nature, and or considered to naturally have stress levels higher than other average birds that go through similar quarantine requirements, will not be accepted.

15. 2022 USPS EXPRESS SHIPPING RATES apply for final delivery. Additional costs are involved with shipments that go to Mexico or Hawaii.

16. We are required to collect Sales Tax from Utah residents. State of Utah = 4.85%, + Davis County = 2.30%.  Total standard tax rate is 7.15%.

17.  All emails, invoices, and correspondence are legally privileged and/or confidential between Avian Export Services and their intended recipients.  Any unauthorized disclosure, copying, dissemination, distribution, or use of the information, beyond its intended purposes, is strictly prohibited. All services provided by Avian Export Services are done so according to the terms and conditions set forth, and published on our website. 

18. Avian Export Services is both the race "Agent" and "Shipper" for all birds we collect and export on your behalf.  This applies to all international races we service. 

It is acknowledged and accepted that you agree to these terms and conditions below anytime you hire us to perform quarantine export, and or import services for your birds. You also agree to not hold us liable for any occurrences or losses that may happen while your birds are with us.

Avian Export Services and Its owner shall not be held responsible for any losses of birds due to illness, death of a bird while in quarantine, flyaways, and or birds that may accidentally escape while with us, injury of a bird of any kind, required euthanasia of birds when deemed necessary by government mandates, or while en route during times of transportation while heading to their final destination. Clients and customers shall not take legal action against Avian Export Services, or its owners.

Jurisdiction matters are to be held strictly in The State of Utah, and all disputes shall be handled out of court through arbitration. 

Individuals who do not pay invoices within the specified time frames will be responsible for all late fees accrued as stated in the terms and conditions of service, plus any additonal legal fees, and or collection fees involved for the delinquency of non-payment.

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason the birds cannot be shipped or exported to their final destination as originally planned, the shipping fees and expenses associated with returning birds to their original owners are to be paid by the original owners of the birds, not Avian Export Services. Avian Export Services will offer a free future export when the need arises.

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