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*****Helpful Shipping Tips*****

Please review these helpful guidelines below when shipping any birds to our quarantine facility.

Following these guidelines will help ensure that your birds arrive to our quarantine alive, and in great condition.

Do provide your full contact information, to include writing your phone number on the shipping label, when shipping through USPS.

Do ship only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays of each week.

Do ship birds that are fully weaned and eating on their own.

Do Vaccinate your birds BEFORE you ship them to our facility unless otherwise notified.

Do notify us via email, before you ship the birds.

Do ship the completed shipping forms with your birds that correspond with the races listed on our website. Each race has a specific form that can be printed out, directly on our website.

(Algarve Derby 2019)

(Algarve Golden Race 2019)

(Corabia SPAIN OLR 2019)

(Corabia ROMANIA OLR 2019)

(Europa Master Pigeon OLR 2019)

(Pattaya OLR 2019)

(SAMDPR 2019)

Do make sure that your birds have been fed and watered before shipping them in the mail. 

Do ship the birds in postal approved shipping boxes designed to accommodate the qty you are shipping, based on the manufacturer recommendations.

Do place some straw in the bottom of the shipping box for bedding.

Do check weather conditions to ensure the postal office will accept the shipment.

Do Not ship birds past Wednesday of each week. We don't want them getting held up in the postal system over the weekend if they are delayed in transit.

Do Not ship birds that are not fully weaned and eating on their own.

Do Not ship birds that are under 35 days old.

Do Not ship any birds that are showing any signs of illness, weakness, or stress of any kind.

Do Not ship any birds to us that are coming from a known AVIAN INFLUENZA, or NEWCASTLE DISEASE outbreak area. Check USDA regarding updates.

Do Not ship birds in poor quality boxes or boxes that have lost their structural integrity for safe shipping. 

Do not overcrowd the boxes and deviate from the manufactures recommended usage designs.

Example- 3 birds packed in a box designed to safely only ship 1-2 birds Max. Example- 8 Birds packed in a box that is designed by the manufacturer for only 4 birds, etc..


Do Not poke holes in the biofilter material that covers the ventilation holes. This material is designed to protect and regulate the temperature in the boxes, protect your birds from airborne pathogens, reduce stress, and is also REQUIRED to be secure by postal regulations. They can reject and deny shipment if the biofilter material is missing or has holes poked in it.

Do Not ship birds over the weekend or during the holidays.

Do Not ship birds when the temperatures exceed the recommended postal regulations.





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