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Friday, May 31 2019

Dear Breeders,

We want to thank you for putting your trust in our quarantine services. As was previously mentioned to a few breeders, we are still building our email distribution list so that we can keep you all updated regularly regarding the quarantine process. We plan on sending out emails as well as posting the same email content to this blog post. This is in case the email method doesn't reach you for whatever reason, you can always come to this blog and get the most up to date info. 

So far the quarantine overall is going good for this year. We have had a handful of birds that have died on us, most likely due to Circo Virus that was brought in from someone's birds that were carriers that simply didn't show symptoms. We are working very closely with one of the best Pathologists in the State of Utah, Dr. Arnaud Van Wettere, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVP, who happens to also be a Pigeon Racer from Belgium. He has extensive knowledge in his field, and he is also the designated individual that will perform any necropsies on birds that die in quarantine.  This is an added expense that we were not planning on, however, we feel it's important to know the root causes of why a bird dies. The testing should help determine that throughout this entire process.

I want you all to know that we provide your birds with the absolute highest standards of care, and we do not cut corners on the health, feed, vitamins, and supplements which help keep your birds in the best condition while with us. 

All owners are notified same day if a bird has either passed away due to an unknown illness, or whether we must put a bird in sickbay simply because it looks off, or just not in proper health. We isolate those birds immediately, and when they appear to bounce back after a day or two, we put them back in the main quarantine section where they belong.

You can see the approximate days left with the visible countdown timer that is active on our SAMDPR 2020 page, which indicates how soon it will be before your bird's ship to SA. If all goes well, that day will be June 24th. We book the most direct flights so that it's less stressful on the birds. We use SA Airways from JFK direct to Johannesburg SA. 

If you have sent us Entry Fees for the race, we will have those funds directly bank wired to the race and deposited to your accounts, as soon as the birds arrive in SA. We always do one large bank wire transfer to minimize transactions, unnecessary extra administrative work, and correspondence with the race.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for supporting our quarantine efforts.


Daniel Hash

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