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Saturday, July 13 2019

Dear Breeders,

The birds are doing good in quarantine. We have some very nice birds in this group! No issues to report, and we hope to keep it this way throughout this entire quarantine session. I've recently been very busy with our licensed electrician coming in and doing a completely new installation of electrical lines at our facility.  Some improvements include installing a completely new Power Pole, along with also boosting and installing more security cameras/surveillance, so that your birds are better protected. The existing wiring we had in place just wasn't doing the job I needed it to do, so this improvement of added amperage on our property will be very beneficial for the future of our operations and ongoing projects we have with accommodating birds.

We will continue to accept birds for this quarantine until the end of the month. While it may be too hot to ship through the USPS this time of year, depending on where you are located, you can always ship your birds via DELTA AIRLINES, to Salt Lake City International Airport. This is a wonderful alternative, and the birds get to us quicker with less time in transit. If you decide to ship them this way, please let us know ahead of time. It's also best if you can ship them out on a Monday-Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!


Daniel Hash

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