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Saturday, September 14 2019

Dear Breeders,

Its time to activate any reserve birds you have remaining in the Algarve Great Derby Race. The deadline to do so is Sept 16th. As a reminder, when you sent a full team to us (5 Birds), you were given 3 birds activated automatically and the other 2 birds were reserves.

The cost is 150 Euro per bird to activate any reserves remaining. 

The Entry Fees need to be sent directly to the race as they have been requested since I only collect the initial Entry Fees when the birds arrive at our quarantine facility. 

Please Bank Wire your Fees to the following:

Name: Clube Columbófilo de Bias do Sul

NIB: 0045 7104 40298003202 86

IBAN: PT50 0045 7104 4029 8003 2028 6


To confirm and let the race know that you have sent them funds to activate your reserves in time, you'll need to send them an email.

Please send a confirmation email to

Be sure to provide them a receipt showing proof of payment.


Daniel Hash

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