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Please vaccinate your birds for PMV at least 2 weeks prior to sending to our quarantine facility. We are authorized to use this vaccine manufactured by ARKO Labs- PMV TYPE 1 KILLED VIRUS.

We are the official (USA) shipper for The Mira Portugal Race in 2020.


This year we will offer 1x shipment  to Portugal in March 2020. 

The collection will begin February 15, 2020 and will continue through the last day of February 2020.

We will ship all the birds to Portugal in March, this way they will be in the country longer, as well as have a fair chance of competing will all the other European bird arrivals. 

A Team Consists of 6 or 12 Birds. Please read rules and details below.

The Shipping/Quarantine Export Fee is $100 per bird for this race.

The Shipping/Quarantine Export Fee's & Entry Fee's are due with the birds upon arrival.

Additional Information regarding the race can be seen directly on their website.

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