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Please vaccinate your birds for PMV at least 2 weeks prior to sending to our quarantine facility. We are authorized to use this vaccine manufactured by ARKO Labs- PMV TYPE 1 KILLED VIRUS.

To register for this race, please use this link:

The collection for USA Quarantine will begin February 15, 2020 and will continue through the last day of February 2020.


TOTAL PRIZES: €150,000

Amount of pigeons: 3500

Reception of pigeons from: 01/02/2020

Reception of pigeons to: 15/05/2020

Final Race Date: 23/09/2020

Final Race Distance: 510 km

Observations: 1 team = 6 pigeons= 3 active + 3 reserves. Reserve activation before semi-final 320 km

Reserve Pigeons will cost 150 EURO per pigeon to activate.

The Shipping and Quarantine Fees are $100 USD PER BIRD FOR THIS RACE

The final race 510km is on Wednesday 23.September in the Algarve week.
That makes it the biggest OLR happening in the world!
3 big final races in 4 days within a short distance is fantastic!

For those fanciers who stay in Monte Gordo or Olhão in Algarve this week, there will be buses going from Algarve to Sevilla and back again on the race day. A fantastic opportunity.

A temporary website with more info is
The original website will be updated next week when we are in Sevilla.


150.000€ in total prize money* finale race 50.000€
1st semi-final 10.000€
1st Ace Pigeon 10.000€

* requires 2000 active pigeons

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